The Jungle Walrus

The Dingonek, or The Jungle Walrus is a little known mythical beast from the rivers of Kenya. Facts I have gathered about this deadly varmint:

– territorial

– known to hunt and kill hippopotamuses, crocodiles and possibly fishermen*

– live in aquatic nests

– 12 feet long

– squarish head, akin to that of a hammerhead sharks*

– saber-toothed

–  an explorer named John Alfred Jordan shot at (but did not defeat) an unidentified monster in Kenya’s River Maggori in 1907

– near the Brakfontein Ridge in South Africa is a cave painting of a creature that fits the description of the creature, right down to its walrus like tusks

Probably an image of John Alfred Jordan:

*An accurate count of annual crocodile (Dingonek) attacks on humans is difficult to obtain. Many of the areas in which humans and large crocodiles(Dingonek) come into contact are remote, impoverished, or in areas of political unrest. Thus, crocodile (Dingonek) attacks are not always reported to local authorities, and some reports are difficult to verify

*Of the nine known species of hammerhead, three can be dangerous to humans


The Dingonek is real



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3 responses to “The Jungle Walrus

  1. I’m glad it’s real. Once I wen’t to africa for study and I think i saw it. Might have been a lioness, but I’m sure I did.

  2. The dingonek…now one of my favourite animals.

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