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Stellar’s Sea Cow


Some pictures from my honeymoon (I wish)



“It is not the sea cow of Aristotle, for it never comes upon dry land to feed, but it can use its fore limbs for a number of tasks: swimming, walking on the shallows of the shore, supporting himself on the rocks, digging for algae and seagrasses, fighting, and embracing each other.

It is covered with a thick hide, more like unto the bark of an ancient oak than unto the skin of an animal; the manatee’s hide is black, mangy, wrinkled, rough, hard, and tough; it is void of hairs, and almost impervious to an ax or to the point of a hook.”

– Georg Wilhelm Steller, who also discovered the Gumboot chiton.



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Shark tries to fight Moose: Shark Looses


(NOVEMBER) Two Newfoundland fisherman stumbled upon a Greenland shark in the midst of being defeated by a Greenland moose. In a new twist on the classic ‘bear vs. shark’ debate, the beachcombers discovered a shark choking on moose hide. The Greenland shark, which is known for capsizing kayaks, most likely struck up a conversation with the seemingly docile moose, earlier that afternoon. This interaction soon turned hostile, as the shark attempted to ingest the moose, to which it was highly unsuccessful.

Both fisherman had to remove the mammals hide from the shark’s jaws, before it swam away into an ocean of mortification and unrequited dreams.


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The Coked Out Toucan Groomer




Source: Children’s Stories for Grown Ups

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The Fading Cat





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The Bull Shark of Cherry Grove: The greatest short film ever to be shared on the internet

In the course of all internet history, never has something so provocative been captured by a mere man. YouTube was bound to reach its pinnacle, and on this glorious day, it has been grasped. The majestic video at hand is a short documentary, filmed by a mysterious red blooded American man, while on vacation in the Cherry Grove inlet of South Carolina.

The stage is set, with an atmospheric summer storm raging off the coast of a peaceful, beach side community. A young woman by the name of ‘Sarah’ is fishing right off her deck, which is one of the more righteous amenities a beach house could have. After several failed attempts, it is finally her turn to land a big fish to prove once and for all her place in the world. She gradually starts to reel in her prey, a well deserved prize, while contemporary country music triumphantly resounds against the crashing of hot rain and thunder. Sarah brings in her catch, but quickly learns that life always has a surprise around the corner, and that sometimes, God gives you bigger fish to fry.

This story has it all: terror, suspense, angst, artsy handheld camera angles, and metaphorical portrayals of capitalism, greed and the omnipresence of that elusive American dream. That when you finally find what you’ve eternally been chasing, something will emerge from the deep to snatch it away.  It even has an awesome catch phrase (It’s a Shiiark! A Shiiark! A Big ass Shiiark!). A big ass Shiiark indeed.

There is already buzz at the Oscar camp for a best supporting actor nom going to ‘Bobby’.

Watch the film in its entirety:

Indiana Indie-rock outfit Murder By Death released a song from their upcoming album, entitled I Came Around, to commemorate this deeply moving portrait of man vs. mother ocean. Listen to it here.

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Mass grave of ‘giant wombats’ discovered in Australia

From Yahoo News:

Scientists have discovered a mass grave that is home to about 50 prehistoric “giant wombats,” the largest known marsupial that ever lived.

The BBC reports the Diprotodon skeletons, believed to be between 100,000 and 200,000 years old, were discovered in Queensland, Australia, and represent a potentially historic find.

“It’s a paleontologist’s’ goldmine where we can really see what these megafauna were doing, how they actually behaved, what their ecology was,” said lead scientist Scott Hocknull, from the Queensland Museum in Brisbane. “When we did the initial survey I was just completely blown away by the concentrations of these fragments.”

The largest of the specimens has been nicknamed “Kenny,” and reportedly has a 28-inch-wide jawbone. Though not exactly the same as the modern day wombat, the Diprotodon is considered a direct relative of the Australian herbivore.

The Diprotodon were of epic proportions; the size of a rhinoceros (about 10 feet long) and weighed more than 6,000 pounds. They had backward-facing pouches that were big enough to carry an adult human, according to the BBC.

The 50 specimens reportedly became trapped in the boggy area and were likely killed by prehistoric crocodiles and other lizards, whose skeletons have also been discovered at the site.

“We’re almost certain that most of these carcasses of Diprotodon have been torn apart by both the crocodiles and the lizards, because we’ve found shed teeth within their skeletons from both animals,” Hocknull said.

 The giant wombats first appeared in Australia about 1.6 million years ago and are believed to have lived there until their extinction, which occurred about 25,000 to 50,000 years ago. Scientists say they believe some form of climate change and hunting from humans likely contributed to the megafauna’s downfall, according to the journal Science.

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A North American Brown Bear’s Brief Stream of Consciousness (Translated from French)

Read this romantic tale of two bears, in a forest mostly comprised of Eastern white pine and cedar trees here.

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Martin Wittfooth


Isle of the Dead

New Suns


The Baptism

Full site here

Oil paint on canvas depicting mammals in the midst of biblical doomsday landscapes.

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Eight armed barred-spiral galaxy

Astronauts have been hunting cephalopods for centuries. Laser bullet-beams are the modern space nomads ammunition of choice because they fry calamari on the spot. Read more about galactic culinary science here.

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Sometimes drugs buy adults and make TV Shows

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