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Zombies/Snow/New England



The dead start eating townies, in a quaint New England suburb. During a snowstorm.

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Seafoam Green


A Cape Cod woman is haunted by the presence of a man in a melted Halloween mask. Read it here:

Manatee River Bank



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To Repel Ghosts

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A modern gentleman’s guide to 13 Top Ten fall anthems

13. Son of Sam – Michael

Could that sound of a leaf being crunched under foot be a masked man with a kitchen knife? Is something admiring the fuzzy light of your pumpkin pie candle from the street outside? Michael Myers, suburbia’s greatest threat is immortalized in gloomy fuzzed out bass and Davey Havok’s eerie croon. Needs more ominous piano though.

12. Pelican – Autumn into Summer

No shave November officially kicks off with this stubble stretcher. It is the soundtrack to a single leaf emancipating itself from the highest branch of a wise Oak tree. The ides of a once green summer are etched into its chloroplast veins. They tell a fleeting story as it slowly drifts and dances towards a brilliantly colored ocean of humus.

11. Calabrese – Zombie I

Punkin’ roll that sounds like it’s in black and white. Lyrics that repercuss the ramblings of undead greasers who can only harmonize their howls and chase the ladies into haunted houses.

10. Tiger Army – Annabel Lee

A perfect marriage of Edgar Allen Poe and the upright bass. A blazing rockabilly hayride into the sepulcher (noun.  tomb –  grave – shrine) of the heart.

9. Protest the Hero  – Bone Marrow

The greatest math metal song about Thanksgiving and football ever. Paints the greasy portrait of a royal match between warriors after a grand feast. Save room for pumpkin pie.

8. Tim Barry – This November

Having a fucked up day, week, or even year has never sounded so uplifting. Sometimes it takes a colder, contemplative season, a seat by the riverside and a long turn on a freight train to feel something again.

7. Strung Out – Vampires

Hey this pumpkin spice latte tastes like blood! This weird blend of melodramatic metal and punk rock is made sinisterly convincing by the textured guitar tone and anthemic chorus. A wretched curse that lives and dies at the splinter of a stake is the perfect preamble to the holiday shopping season.

6. Murder By Death – The Moon is Up

A simple sonnet that makes even the bristliest of beards thankful for that special lady. After all, love is always more tangible under a wine red moon that beckons the reaping of apples, gourds and asparagus. When Adam Turla whistles, it is the most soothing fucking thing on the planet.

5. Geto Boys – My Minds Playing Tricks on Me

A corn-huskerfuck of tense rhymes, funky guitar licks and a morbidly obese beat. Bushwick Bill’s conflict with a tall ghost will frighten your mustache and make it zoom back up your nose.

4. The Hold Steady – One for the Cutters

The almost endless echo of the drums and Gibsons. The harpsichord. God damn that harpsichord sounds like its being played by the Count, himself.  The angry, almost dissonant piano keys. It tells the story of a wealthy college student who falls for a middle class townie, in classic Romeo and Juliet fashion, except the boy ends up dead and the girl gets entangled in a murder investigation. It’s all set against the backdrop of late night quarry parties, scary new drugs, townie bars, and police stations. One zany Fall semester.

3. Lucero – Here at the Starlite

The most sustained Lucero track of all time, clocking in at almost eight minutes. These modern day Memphis legends capture a specific shade of light. It’s a neon light only beheld from a lonely vinyl diner booth, at 2 AM on a November night. The jukebox doesn’t know it’s the graveyard shift/It shakes, rattles and rolls. This kind of light must feel gut wrenching to bask in.

2. The Misfits – Halloween

The tinny guitar ring outs that build into the spiteful hymn of Glenn Danzig can only mean one thing. That October 31st is right around a dark corner. All you want to do is toss jack-o-lanterns into raging bonfires, before the nightmare crashes into a hollow nothingness. This day anything goes. Additionally, bonfires are awesome because they’re the best incarnation of the color orange.

1. The Creepshow – The Garden

This country western influenced ballad perfectly captures the perfume of dry leaves in a hot sun, swirling around with the smell of extinguished bonfire embers. One final chance for salvation before a blanket of snow covers your aspirations. Harmonica that warms your heart like an L.L Bean sweater.

There you have it. Any of these tunes heard near a golden Oktoberfest will most definitely take away those leaf raking blues. And California Dreamin‘ doesn’t count because its about winter.

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