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Zombies/Snow/New England



The dead start eating townies, in a quaint New England suburb. During a snowstorm.

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A modern gentleman’s guide to 13 Top Ten winter anthems

13. AFI – A Winter’s Tale

AFI had that weird synth-goth record about December and voluntary manslaughter, but thankfully they recorded this tasty snowball prior to Miss Murder. The tale remained a little truer to their frozen roots in the winter wonderland of Southern California. A chilling silence! A string of white lights!

12. Bright Eyes – If Winter Ends

I like how this begins sounding like an old wooden metal song. Accurately sums up the dog days of winter, when a beard gets itchy from the mild temperature,  yet the persisting white desert still makes everything a blinding shade of green, when you go back inside. The stabbing, noisy feedback backs O-Bursts despair, who sings about drinking to stay warm and driving his car off a cliff.

11. Jeff Rowe – New Winter, New England

Jeffrey Rowe broke his teeth on the gritty fishing seaport town of Gloucester, Massachusetts. This folk shanty feels like dredging a shovel into a snow mound and hurling the unbearable weight over your shoulder. He waits til the chorus to crush piano keys, as his mouth tastes like blood again and words ricochet off cement. Rowe sounds a lot angrier on this release, a stark contrast to the upbeat tidings of Barstool Conversations.

10. Old Man Gloom – Gift

Hibernate in a mist of stark green pine. Ever so slightly distorted acoustic notes ring ominously with cathedral sized chants and filthy stoner gloom. Feels like being trapped in a cabin with a fever of a hundred and two, during avalanche low tide. With a cup of hot cocoa.

9. Caspian – Our Breath in Winter

The white noise of a billion snowflakes hitting the ground at once, while plow trucks grind iron gears far off in the distance. The guitar fretting hand just kind of slides around, without being able to grip the asphalt’s slope. No explosions here, unless you count your breath oxidizing in the air an explosion. There is one word in the English lexicon to explain Caspian’s contemplation on winter and that word is “quivering.”

8.  Glasvegas – Please Come Back Home

This seems like a Caspian song, if Sammy Davis Jr. drank too much (egg nog mixed with a pinch of Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum) and provided the singing, in a thick Scottish accent. Glasvegas kind of bummed everyone out with their Brian De Palma movie soundtrack-like full length, but it’s a good thing they released a Christmas themed EP entitled A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss). Please Come Back Home rolls new wavy drums under a constant crescendo of blue Christmases.

7. Foo Fighters – February Stars

This is that type of scarf jam that you’d pray was playing in the background of some intrinsic moment in your life. The conclusions of a 90’s winter, and the sweet fibers of a flannel armor that may indeed protect you from a Valentine’s wind chill. It won’t protect you from a wall of buzzing alt. rock guitar and symbols that do anything but chill.

6. Mono – Ashes in the Snow

Instrumental, post-rock soundscapes and vast snow dunes go together mitten and mitten. But Mono’s track off Hymn to the Immortal Wind isn’t some vast soundscape. It’s much more personal. Ashes in the Snow appeals to some frosty corner of the heart, rather than your intellect. In hypothermia, an individual will usually experience a flooding feeling of warmth right before they freeze to death.

5. Hot Water Music – I Was On A Mountain

Kind of like making a descent down Everest, on a toboggan, while being pursued by a vengeful Yeti. Riding shotgun is celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis, who was rescued from the monster’s cave lair. The sled goes over a peak and soars into the thin mountain air. In that moment you can hear the melody of Silent Night, buried in the chorus. And then the landslide brings it down.

4. Bon Iver – Blood Bank

Something precious, but forgotten, hidden beneath a layer of freezing rain. Followed by three feet of damp snow and a surface of sleet. He wrote this about being stuck out in a car with the ladies, then retreated to the cabin when things migrated south. But they’ll always have this and Christmas morning. Load it  into your stove and smell the sweet, oak notes.

3. The Lawrence Arms –100 Resolutions

Enjoying a pint of lager while glass snowflakes break on the bar’s outer window sill, is better than a 12 hour old crock pot of beef stew. New Years Eve not only presents the opportunity to get pants shittingly drunk, but is a chance for reprieve. You know the narrator will not fulfill his resolutions, but the holiday still offers a glimpse of hope, like the glimpse of an aero-sleigh-plane in the overwhelmingly clear night sky. For Auld Lang Syne.

2. The Sword – Winter’s Wolves

This tune is essentially an instructional essay on how to lace your boots and put them up a wolf’s ass. The first 54 seconds exudes hot 70’s sludge, meditating on rhythm and the gift of might. Sword blades hurt more against cold skin, until you feel the brunt of axes and entire cities being laid to waste. Take a gander at how The Sword structures instrumental metal with sparingly used vocals and the call of those gray dogs of the winter tide.

1. The Pogues – Fairytale of New York

That piano is so fuckin uplifting. It’s enough to lift your spirit right out of the confines of a prison cell, Marley’s chains and all. The Pogues relay a yarn about a time when whiskey tasted terrible but it warmed you up. A boy and a girl in a city with hopes n’ dreams told in classic duet form, like a latter day Empire State of Mind. Instead of Jay Z, there’s traditional Irish folk instruments bouncing off the walls of a sheltering pub.

Outside, there’s a couple who just met, stuck out in a car chewing on a candy bar. Wolves are circling and snarling, and a drunk guy has gloved hands shoved in his coat pockets, just trying to keep from slipping on the ice. Ashes from cigarettes disappear in the old snow, while fresh powder drifts down from the peaks of Yeti riddled mountains. The stars are temporary scars, and will dissipate like the resolutions of a hundred people in the city below.

Glimpses of the past year are seen in a side view mirror, while the car slides off a ledge, anti-lock breaks pounding against your boots.

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Winter Storm Alfred

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